CORVID-19 Let’s do this as a community

We hope this update finds you all well.

We have been keeping an eye on COVID-19 updates, as I’m sure many are.
No official word has been given to Massage Therapists (and other extended health care practitioners) to suspend their services. While we can take every precaution to sanitize our office and treatment rooms and ourselves, we cannot ensure complete sanitation. Also, massage therapy inherently breaks the social distancing protocols advocated for by Public Health Canada. Other countries have already suspended Massage Therapy services due to their current levels of infection. Further distancing and isolation measures are being suggested and advocated on nearly an hourly basis.

Due to these factors, and encouragement by health care professionals regarding “flattening the curve” of CORVID-19, we cannot in good conscience remain open. We announce this with concern for our community and already-taxed health care system, and hope that all will understand our decision.

We will be contacting all our clients scheduled for the next 3 weeks, and rescheduling them for after the recommended self-isolation.
We will set our tentative date for reopening as April 6th, 2020.

We will be checking our messages (voice, email, messaging) periodically if anyone has any questions regarding this decision or their continuing musculoskeletal health.

We wish our clients, client’s families, and our community all the best during this tumultuous time. See you all in 3 weeks.