Katelyn’s Having a Baby!

As many of you know, our awesome massage therapist, Katelyn Dykstra and her husband are having their first baby in August. Yay!
As such, Katelyn will be temporarily leaving us. Boo!
Her maternity leave begins June 20th, and will continue as the new baby sees fit. 🙂
We wish Katelyn and her growing family all the best in the beautiful days ahead!


With the coming of summer climes (any day now…), our clients have expressed occasional discomfort under our usually-appreciated warm fleece sheets. The clinic now has several sets of cotton-poly blend sheets that offer a cooler alternative for hotter days. Alternatively or in addition, many clients find cooling success by simply removing the top covering blanket from the table, uncovering their feet, or lying atop the sheets.
Discuss these or other options with your therapist(s) to maintain and improve your comfort, and keep up your massage therapy through the summer months!