Welcome Katelyn!

As Ashley Hebert is on maternity leave, Essential Elements has hired a new Massage Therapist!
Her name was Katelyn Jones, as she recently married, and is now Katelyn Dykstra. She has worked at Lifemark Physiotherapy here in New Glasgow, and is excited to treat new and returning clients at her new venue. Check out her bio for more.

Maternity leave

Our amazing Massage Therapist and now amazing new mother, Ashley Hebert, is currently on maternity leave. She hasn’t set a date of return, however, she hopes to be seeing clients again by December.

All the best, Ashley! We miss you!

Email server down

Hey all.
Our web hoster’s email server is having some problems. We hope this is temporary.
If you wish to send or have already sent us an email, wait on it, expect delays, or just give us a call instead!

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.